Since ancient Egyptian times, during the construction of the pyramids, man has been working with 4 simple tools; the ruler, triangle, protractor and compass. With huge developments in technology, things have moved to a completely different level. The problem with this giant leap however, is that man now requires a computer, software and training.


This represents a huge cost and convenience factor. The software and equipment is not easily affordable. Coupled with this,  is the inconvenience of using the equipment on-site. Virtually impossible!


How about a solution that allows the same accuracy and time-saving as expensive software?

A tool that is available immediately, is easily affordable, incorporates the above 4 simple tools and on top of that requires no training?


  • for vertical and horizontal lines, no ruler or triangle
  •  for angles, no protractor
  • for circles, no compass
  • for projections, invisible lines;  thicker lines with the same pen


Everything can be drawn freehand and as accurately as if you had all the tools mentioned above.
Nothing complicated whatsoever!


A utopia has been created
We have managed this feat, now it´s up to you to benefit from it!

Try it and see just how easy it really is!