Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?2016-05-24T12:05:59+10:00

The Free Hand Designer is a micro-grid surface that simply slips under a piece of paper and provides a sub-surface template in which a pencil or pen-tip follows in a dead straight line. For drawing angles, use our Free Hand Angle Designer and for ease in the drawing of circles, our Free Hand Circle Designer can be used.

Do I need special paper?2016-12-20T11:07:03+11:00

No! that is the great thing about all of the Free Hand Designer Products, you can use any writing paper, obviously thick card stock is not suitable.

Do I need a special pen or pencil?2016-05-24T12:03:40+10:00

No! take any pen or pencil and start drawing! However, we do recommend using finer tips as this will increase the ‘easiness’ of using the products.

Who can use the drawing grid?2016-05-24T12:03:14+10:00

Anybody that wants to draw straight lines! Roofers, Builders, Architects, Kitchen installers, Carpet layers, Interior designers, Students at school, TAFE or University, Wardrobes Installers, Carpenters, Draftsmen, Designers, Tilers and more.

Where is it made?2016-05-24T12:02:49+10:00

We are proud to say that our products are made and manufactured in Europe, adhering to strict quality standards ensuring that you get a high quality, well made product.

Do you offer wholesale?2016-05-24T12:02:28+10:00

Yes we do, please contact us directly for more information.

Do you offer bulk buying discounts?2016-05-24T12:01:57+10:00

Yes we do, please contact us directly for more information or a quote.

What is custom / promotional printing and how can it help my business?2016-05-24T11:59:51+10:00

We offer the opportunity for you to custom print on the front/or back of the Free Hand Designer. This can be utilised as a ‘billboard’ that can constantly advertise your business/services/pricing to potential customers. You may want to use the back to set out guidelines or company procedures for your workers. The ideas are endless!


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