With our products, it is easier than ever to draw perfectly straight lines freehand. This means that you can draw a layout on-site that is so neat and accurate that the process of redrawing at the office can be completely eliminated. The Free Hand Designer has been reckoned to have paid for itself in full every time it has been used. Existing customers have said that they will gladly pay 10 times the list price to replace their Free Hand Designer because once you have used it you will wonder how you ever got by without it!

Free Hand Designer Australia has also launched new products giving you the means to not only draw horizontal and vertical lines, but angles and circles as well, as though you had a protractor or a compass on hand.  Any kind of pen can be used and you will be guaranteed the best results every single time. No need for a computer, let alone a ruler, compass or protractor resulting in a completely mobile workplace!

Perfect drawings with the Free Hand Designer

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Free Hand Designer – perfect freehand drawings without a ruler, protractor or compass!

The Free Hand Designer products have one common characteristic: extremely user-friendly. Our products can be used by anyone. No special talent required! The incorporation of complex computer programs falls away. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen. See for yourself how, with minimal effort, you can achieve impressive results. The worldwide success of our products speaks for itself. Our products are available world wide.

The Free Hand Designer has also been nicknamed “The Drawing Grid ” and is commonly known as “The Pyramid Liner”

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